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Hillsdale Terminal
Hillsdale Terminal terminal adpaters
Hillsdale Terminal terminal adapters
Hillsdale Terminal Heatshrinkable terminal
Hillsdale Terminal Mylar tapeed components terminals
Hillsdale Terminal Fully insulated terminals
Hillsdale Terminal Insulated terminals

Heat shrinkable 

Fully Insulated


Disconnect adapters

Hillsdale Terminal is a U.S. manufacturer of solderless crimp terminals. 
Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Nylon and Vinyl insulated

  • heat shrink insulated​

  • Non-Insulated

  • Brazed seam non-insulated

  • High Temp- mild steel nickel plated

  • Battery lugs and terminals

Other products available:

  • Instant tap connectors

  • Screw-on connectors

  • Heat shrink tubing

  • Blade style mini-fuses

  • Cable ties

  • Electrical tape

  • Hand-held Crimp Tools

  • and..   The MTCM-101, semi-automated crimp machine

Terminals are available in bulk, pre-packaged, blister racks and Mylar taped for semi-automated crimpers

Hillsdale Terminal MTCM-101 crimp machine


Hillsdale Terminal Mylar tapeed components

Mylar tape reels for most terminals

Hillsdale Terminal Mylar tapeed components
Hillsdale Terminal Mylar tapeed components

Includes crimp dies for yellow/red/blue

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